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Using the advanced combinations of Classical and modern herbal formula.

Chinese herbal medicine is a key feature of traditional Chinese medicine (tcm). This herbal tradition has developed thousands of unique formulations to restore body balance, improve immunity, regulate digestion and repair and strengthen. All ailments can be assessed through the TCM methodology and herbal formulas are always matched to the unique symptom pattern of the individual.

Chinese herbal medicine

Through traditional herbal medicines, we can encourage healing for persistent or chronic conditions in conjunction with other forms of treatment. Chinese herbs and tonics are highly effective and are known to address stress in the body and help it recover energy. Remedies are also used to activate weakened functions or calm hyperactive functions to better balance the body.

Our Chinese herbal medicine are also convenient to use. We offer medicine in dissolvable forms and pills so you don’t have to mess with the traditional method of brewing and ingesting thick concoctions. These medicines are easily absorbed by the body and just as effective as their traditional counterparts.