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Acupuncture is a major medical modality practiced in private and public health settings in many parts of the world.

This centuries-old medical tradition incorporates many regional and specialist styles and uses unique treatment methods which stimulate the bodies’ innate healing response.

In scientific terms, acupuncture stimulates physiological and hormonal changes as well as nervous system effects. It is these measurable responses to the acupuncture effect that east Asian medicine defines as the “vital response” and described as “Qi”.

Acupuncture’s best-known use in the western hemisphere has been for the relief of pain especially in musculoskeletal dysfunction including osteoarthritis, muscular pain and migraine headache.

Effects of Acupuncture on the body

  • Reduces pain in acute and chronic cases.
  • Tones weakness and reduces muscle spasm.
  • Has a strong Tranquilizing effect on the nervous system, calming the mind.
  • Reduces Muscle tension.
  • Relaxes the body and stimulates immunity(Qi)
  • Calms the mind and promotes sleep.
  • Promotes improved gut peristalsis by relaxing and reducing spasm and pain.
  • Stimulates the immune response and lifts fatigue.
  • Reduces mucus secretions and reactivity to allergens
  • Our list is just some of the common problems treated with acupuncture. You are welcome to inquire if your condition can benefit.


We offer special programs to help get the best results using a designed course of treatment.

  • Reduce tension and stress. For those running on adrenalin and their nervous system, acupuncture has remarkable stress-reducing effects and can calm the nervous system.
  • Want to Stop Smoking? We can assist in reducing the symptoms of anxiety common during nicotine abstention. 1
  • IVF and embryo transfer acupuncture. Several have has shown that acupuncture close to the time of embryo transfer can improve the success of IVF treatment.
  • Esoteric Acupuncture. This method enhances meditation, Yoga and mindfulness practices. Many people talk of the clarity and calmness that follows these sessions.


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